Find out where to travel EP.2

Find out where to travel EP.2

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Tiger Cave Temple

Today, there are interesting places that have a lot of tourists to visit here, almost every day, especially Saturday and Sunday. Let’s see where?

Tiger Cave Temple is sure to take you to admire the beauty and grandeur of this temple.


Tiger Cave Temple

Tham Sua Temple is located in Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province. To pay homage to Phra That is the largest of the largest temples and Buddha statues in Kanchanaburi Province Beautiful Buddha statue With the whole golden mosaic When arriving at the top Found the freshness of the cold wind And quite a strong Look below to see a green field, In addition, there is the Ket Kaew Prasat Pagoda. The pagoda is a whole brick color, divided into various layers. Each floor is enshrined in many different images of Buddha images, up to the top floor, which is enshrined by the royal Buddha statue that was brought from India and there are also various temples. Enter to worship the Buddha image and admire the beauty of the interior murals. When watched all over, then went down Below to enter the tiger Is a small cave located at the foot of the hill below Inside, enshrined the Buddha’s birthday and sold sacred objects.



Tiger Cave Temple


Come see what the highlights of this temple are, why people like to come and visit here.

  • Big Buddha image, Luang Pho Chinn, blessing the Lord Buddha, 9 inches high, 9 inches, lap 5, 3 cubits, 9 inches, glittering gold.

Big Buddha


  • Chedi Kesu Kaew Maha Prasat Is an orange octagonal pagoda, 69 meters high, 29 meters wide

Enshrined the Buddha’s relics

  • left footprint Which has water all the time Believed to be holy water

158 steps per line


  • Three Naga stairs up to the hill, 158 steps per line. Can walk in 3 ways: walk up the 158 steps or take the electric tram, service charge 10 baht or walk up to the right-hand side of the Naga stairway towards the Tiger Cave.

electric tram


  • Viewpoint on top of Kesu Kaew Maha Prasat Pagoda Overlooking the Mae Klong River, mountains, rice fields and views from the top to Tham Khao Noi Temple

Viewpoint on top


  • ┬áTiger Cave is a small cave located at the foot of the hill below. Within the enshrined Buddha’s birthday And selling sacred objects

In addition to the Tiger Cave Temple, there are many restaurants, souvenirs, and bathrooms available, as well as free parking.

Tiger Cave Temple


How to go..

From Saeng Chu To Road, head to Mueang Kanchanaburi District Notice the left turn signal to Tha Muang District to turn left to go into the old Shuo light line. Through Tha Muang Hospital To the temple, turn left And ran along the canal road Through the Mae Klong Dam until the end of the road, you will find 3 intersections and turn right along the road for another 1 km. Turn left to follow the path with a sign. Tham Sua Temple is next to Wat Tham Khao Noi. Wat Tham Sua is about 5 kilometers from the Mae Klong Dam. The entrance to the temple must pass through the Mae Klong Dam and there will be a right turn sign about 2 Km and turn left for about 200 meters