How to build immunity for your body.

How to build immunity for your body.

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How to build immunity for your body.

               The immune system is a defense system in the body that helps to prevent illness from foreign objects entering the body.

How to observe when the immune system is weak.
1. Easily tired and tired.
2. Not able to recover from minor illnesses such as colds.
3. Sore throat, signs leading to other types of germs Caused by a weak immune system.

 Easy ways to strengthen your immune system in the following.

With these various methods to help strengthen the immune system to be stronger. Help to be safe from various diseases that may occur.

1. Balance diet.

balance diet

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is to eat foods that are equally acidic and alkaline because if eating too much acidic or alkaline foods, it will cause the body to break faster. The acidic foods include meat, eggs, bread, milk, butter, sugar, including beverages such as soft drinks, coffee. Foods that are alkaline include vegetables and fruits, which when eating these foods are balanced. It will help the bodywork better. Eating nutritious foods that have a profound effect on the immune system. Foods rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains Lean meat and good fats help the body get the vitamins and minerals necessary for strengthening the immune system.

2. Regular exercise regularly



Exercise Causes our hearts to pump blood to better feed the body And also helps each cell get enough oxygen Resulting in the work of the cell to work well and make that cell Have more strength It also helps to strengthen and increase white blood cells. As well as allowing the immune system to work better as well
Exercise is one of the important factors in strengthening the immune system. The movement of the body causes the cells in the body to be stimulated. Is to increase the efficiency of various cells and work better

3. Get enough sleep every night

good sleep

enough sleep

Get enough sleep and be healthy Should go to bed before 10 PM every night To allow the body to secrete large amounts of growth hormone This passenger will help slow down aging. The brain will be refreshed. And the body will come out after the substance of happiness comes out Which makes the body rejuvenated And the position should be straight, not stretched. In addition, the room should be completely dark so that the body releases melatonin (hormones that the body can create by itself). It has a role to help control sleep If these hormones decrease, it can lead to sleep problems. Getting enough sleep is the best way to refresh your body and help you wake up vigorously. Studies have shown that lack of sleep negatively affects the immune system. Sleeping at night is therefore beneficial for stimulating and maintaining a strong immune system.

4. Get enough vitamin C to meet the needs of the body.



Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system. Which should be given at least 400 milligrams per day In addition to helping to strengthen immunity Also helps the digestive system to function normally by eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is one component of the immune system. Has a role in the fight against free radicals Taking vitamin C supplements can help support the immune system and protect the body from free radicals.


5. Avoid cigarette smoke in every way.

stop smoking

stop smoking

There are many toxic substances in cigarette smoke that are harmful to the body. Therefore should avoid smoking and areas where smoking So that our bodies are not exposed to cigarette smoke Which may weaken the body

6. Breathe fully to the lungs

Breathe in fresh air for 5 minutes on an empty stomach each day. Sit or stand in a comfortable position, with your back straight in front, looking straight, and place your hands on your stomach at the diaphragm. Use your nose to breathe in with your stomach puffed out, hold for 1-2 seconds and then exhale for your stomach to flatten. Doing relaxed, but feeling the passing of air into the chest To increase the breath in and out for longer, the lungs will receive full oxygen. If you feel stressed, try to breathe with one finger covering the nostril. And breathe in for a long time With the other nose to the end of the wind Alternating filling the nostrils and then starting to exhale Do alternately like this 10 times to feel relaxed.

                          You see, it’s not something that is too difficult to do. After reading this article, let’s start building immunity for your body right now. It’s not too late if it starts now I wish you all good health and happiness in life.