How to drink fruit and vegetable juices correctly

How to drink fruit and vegetable juices correctly

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Did you know that the way to drink fruit and vegetable juices that we cherish every day is to reduce the value of drinking fruit and vegetables without knowing it? Start wondering, right? What steps are we missing? Like this, have to check Next time I will not do it again.

Use vegetables or fruits that are too sweet.

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Although the sweet taste of vegetables – some fruits may help to bitter or bitter taste But do not forget that the sweetest taste is almost all sugar. Even from fruits or vegetables Is considered a sugar that is eaten too much, not good for the body as well Because fructose sugar Is a great enemy that causes premature aging, Therefore, if you do not like the bitter taste of the vegetable-fruit juice, then Change from adding sweet fruit to a sour fruit instead. In addition to being able to taste it Also do not have to worry about sugar as well.

Drink the same fruit and vegetable juice repeatedly every day.


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Almost all fruits and vegetables have good benefits. But the fact that you choose to bring vegetables and fruits, just make a drink again. Saying that instead of getting benefits, you may be punished instead. Because in all vegetables – fruits contain some chemicals that if we eat a little, it will not negatively affect anything. But if accumulated in the body a lot, may cause harm such as kidney stones or dizziness Which the oxalate Available in bananas, cherries, grapes, mangoes, melon or some vegetables such as cabbage, spicy vegetables, radish, radish or aromatic Available in tomatoes that can cause headaches and dizziness There are also cyanide compounds. And dangerous geysers if ingested too much Knowing this, should try to drink a variety of fruit juices better

Drink all at once

Green vegetable-fruit juice It is said that it is full of benefits. But the smell of green and bitter taste makes me want to hurry and drink it all right? But know that drinking straight away will make
your body unable to absorb the benefits of those juices. And being digested quickly Not unlike drinking water But if you do not want to lose the benefits of those fruits and vegetables, you should gradually drink by taking about 5-20 minutes to drink. Better in drinks But don’t be longer than that If you spend more than 30 minutes drinking fruit and vegetable juice, sugar in fruits and vegetables will start to come out. And can damage the body

Put more vegetables that are dark green

Green vegetables are a good source of nutrients for the body. But if put into the drink too much, it may cause vomiting Because dark green vegetables have a bitter taste than general fruits and vegetables. Therefore should not put more than 25% of the dark green vegetables in all vegetables and fruits Do not regret the benefits at all. Because other fruits and vegetables have the same benefits


Mix fruits and vegetables in a mellow manner because they think it’s okay.

Many people have diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting because the vegetable-fruit juice itself is made. Which picks up fruits and vegetables in a way that is wrong Because some chemicals may cause adverse reactions to our bodies As a result, instead of being able to benefit again, Therefore, should study the information well before what kind of fruit can eat together. And what kind of fruit should be avoided? Will not have to run into the bathroom Or just relying on pain medication later

Do not drink vegetable-fruit juice when empty stomach

Many people choose to drink vegetable-fruit juice after eating because they think that drinking when the stomach is not good for the body. Please tell me that I think it’s the wrongest because actually drinking fruit and vegetable juices in an empty stomach. The body can absorb nutrients. More minerals and vitamins compared to drinking fruit juice after eating If disappointed, the
benefits of vegetable and fruit juice Next time try to find a drink when an empty stomach is better. Get more benefits It also helps to reduce the amount of food that may be more normal.

Do not wash vegetables or fruits thoroughly before use.

The vegetables and fruits that we bought are even packed in a clean package. But yes, it is always clean. Because those fruits and vegetables are not cleaned before being sold for sure If we bring to make vegetable-fruit juice immediately, we may also get free items such as germs or chemicals used to remove insects. A little more time to wash vegetables and fruits Or soak in a vegetable-fruit remover Will not have to face the threat of germs and chemicals later

Do not drink vegetable-fruit juice as soon as finished.

Fresh fruit-vegetable juice is full of nutritious food. Which we should hurry to drink immediately after completion But many
people left behind Or not to be refrigerated first and then to drink Please say that if you leave it for more than 15 minutes without drinking all This drink will start to lose the nutritional value of being exposed to the sun. And will become just a drink that has no nutritional value Or if there is less than the new finish, this does not include people who like to do a lot at a time and then drink one cup at a time That way, it gives less nutritional value. Plus, sometimes it can be stored for more than 1 day and almost nothing is left with food value.

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 Fruits and vegetables are not fresh. 

Is the fact that Fresh fruits and vegetables will provide nutritional value. And taste better than fruits and vegetables that are kept for many days But there are not many people who forget about this and buy vegetables and fruits to leave in the fridge and slowly take it out to use in the fridge. But the food value has been lost Makes when making vegetable-fruit juice is not as useful as it should be If not being able to gain People who like to drink vegetable-fruit juice, try to change from buying vegetables-fruits to leaving. Is gradually purchased every day as much as it is better to use At least we can eat fresh vegetable -fruit juice.