How to make fried rice-stick noodles with shrimp (Pad Thai) at home

How to make fried rice-stick noodles with shrimp (Pad Thai) at home

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“Pad Thai” menu is a menu that has been a Thai household for a long time and is also famous throughout the world. Is a menu that everyone should learn to do For the opportunity to show Thai food cooking skills for anyone to try Who is looking for the Pad Thai recipe? Please say that you have come to the right place. Let’s start with the basic Thai stir-fried menu that anyone can enjoy together with Pad Thai with fresh shrimp. The ingredients are like making Thai stir fry in general. Just change from dried shrimp to fresh shrimp. Want to eat how many people put it into full Seasoned with cayenne pepper, fish sauce, and sugar as you like.

This recipe guarantees deliciousness. Put together a corking machine, which is the secret to the taste of the Pad Thai sauce. Which this formula tells the ratio without a vest! Importantly, it is not difficult to do so. Speak and be hungry. If ready, come and act. “Pad Thai, Shrimp, Fresh”

Shrimp pad-thai



Pad Thai mixture


◆ Pad Thai sauce

◆ Fresh shrimp (peeled, cut back, remove black line) 3-5 characters (as you like)

◆ Yellow Tofu (Diced) 3 tablespoons

◆chopsticks (finely chopped) 2 tablespoons

◆ Small noodles (Or line), soak the water until soft

◆raw bean sprouts

◆Kuicheai leaves (cut into pieces)

◆1 egg

◆ Vegetable oil (for stir-frying)

◆ Ground roasted peanuts (as you like)

◆ Fresh vegetables (for eating)


Pad Thai sauce mix


◆2 tablespoons palm sugar

◆2 tablespoons tamarind juice

◆2 tablespoons fish sauce

◆1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (or spicy flavor)


How to make Pad Thai sauce


◆ Mix palm sugar Tamarind juice, fish sauce, and cayenne pepper together Bring up the heat, enough to heat and melt the palm sugar. (If you want to keep it for several days, wait until boiling, then put in a container with a closed lid)


How to make Pad Thai with fresh shrimp


  1. Put the vegetable oil into the pan. When the oil is hot, add fresh shrimp and stir to heat until the shrimp starts to ripen. Scoop up the prepared dish
  2. Add tofu and stir in the same pan until golden brown. Followed by chopped chops, stir fry together, add the prepared Thai stir-fry sauce, stir to combine until the boiling begins
  3. Put the noodles soaked in water and stir well together, then use the spatula to pour the line over the pan.
  4. Hammer the eggs into the yeast, enough to crack, wait until the eggs start to ripen, then stir the ingredients together to stir. Followed by the shrimp prepared in a plate Served with fresh stir fry Roasted peanuts, crushed cayenne pepper and lime



Easy steps, just as we have “Pad Thai Shrimp Fresh” to make your own food or show off your foreign friends. But if anyone wants to try to find new ideas for the Pad Thai menu, try to make a recipe of “Crispy fried Thai crispy dumplings”.