Let’s get to know coffee

Let’s get to know coffee

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Let’s get to know coffee



Do you know how many types of coffee that we drink? Let’s get to know coffee that has some kind


  1. Espresso

Espresso consists of pure coffee that does not contain any milk at all, is brewed using the pressure of steam or hot water through roasted coffee beans that are finely ground. Espresso The darkest flavored coffee, Espresso is coffee. Extracted into a shock As a starting point for other coffee recipes Which is considered an important ingredient. True coffee lovers tend to drink without adding sugar or milk Allowing to truly experience the taste of the coffee. Ordering espresso at regular coffee shops Usually ordered according to the quantity of “single” or “double” (single shot or two shots). Espresso is highly sensitive to reaction with oxygen. In order not to spoil the taste, we should drink when brewing new.

  1. Black coffee

Black coffee brewed with drip method Maybe a water permeate or a French press Served without milk May add sugar People often misunderstand that black coffee and espresso are the same. But there are many different points. The prominent thing is that Espresso is served with a glass smaller than black coffee because it is popular to drink all in one gulp.

  1. Cappuccino (Cappuccino)

A cappuccino consists of the main components of espresso and milk. Cappuccino brewing most often has a ratio of 1/3 espresso mixed with steamed milk (milk Hot (steam through steam) 1/3 parts and milk beat to 1/3 foam fine, floating on top. In addition, maybe sprinkled with cinnamon powder or a little cocoa powder according to preference.

  1. Latte (Italian: Latte) coffee

Latte coffee prepared with hot milk. By pouring 1/3 espresso and 2/3 parts hot milk into the cup at the same time and pouring about 1 cm of milk foam over the top to make the latte barista (or Professional coffee makers) use a slight movement of the wrist while pouring milk and milk foam onto the coffee. Causing various patterns called latte art or milk froth art in coffee cups.

  1. Mocha Coffee

Mocha coffee Will use 1/3 espresso mixed with 2/3 parts of hot milk, brewed similarly to latte, different in Mocha Will contain cocoa Serve both hot and cold with ice. Often have whipped cream to cover the face This is a unique feature that makes Mocha coffee widely known. Mocha may refer to a type of Arabica coffee grown in the port of Mocha in Yemen. Mocha coffee has a color and smell similar to chocolate. Which is the unique thing that makes Mocha coffee widely known?

  1. American americano or cafe americano

It is a type of coffee drink That has a brewing method by adding hot water to the espresso. Dilution of espresso, which is a concentrated coffee with hot water Making Americano as old as normal coffee But with a strong aroma and flavor derived from espresso Americano is perfect for those who like black coffee. But not old and heavy to espresso Most coffee lovers like to drink Americano without cooking with milk or sugar. To indulge in the American coffee taste, which is different from normal coffee.

  1. white coffee

Is a kind of herbal tea Discovered in Beirut Very popular in Lebanon and Syria And popular with desserts in some European countries to mention white coffee in the form of coffee with milk At the same time, White Coffee in the United States would mean Coffee that is brewed for a long time to have a similar color to yellow.